Disney Baby

Fun and fantasy for a line of fabulous toys

Growing up with Disney Baby is pure magic

With its timeless tales have grown generations, who have rejoiced, laughed and sang.

Disney is a brand that needs no introduction. It's fantasy, it's magic, it's the game.

So we've developed two special lines dedicated to masterpieces most loved by boys and girls: from 101 Dalmatians in Dumbo, until you get to The Lion King and Snow White and the seven dwarfs, all these Disney characters are ready to bring you and the your little one in fantastic worlds to live exciting adventures. Are you ready?

disney-1 disney-1

Disney Princess, to give a dream

Between magic mirrors and enchanted castles, your child can not wait to play and dream with stories of famous Disney Princesses. Ready to turn every moment spent together in a fairy tale?

disney-2 disney-2

Disney Baby with classic characters to grow up with pure magic

Rides music, soft cubes and interactive drums have one goal: to accompany the growth of each child. The new line dedicated to children is so: designed to enrich the imagination every day.

Chicco Disney princess line