Silicone Mum Effect

Tried by children, recommended by mums*


Silicone «Mum Effect»

Silicone is a hygienic material, completely transparent and soft. Odorless and tasteless will not deform even after repeated sterilizations.

The exclusive velvet finishing of Physio soothers and of Well-Being bottles makes the silicone extra soft and more pleasant.


Teat extra soft and more pleasant

The exclusive finishing "Mum Effect" is on the wide base of the teat to comfortably ft with the baby's lips, help sucking.

So your child has a very pleasant sensation during sucking .

Tried by children, reccommended by mums*

*consumer test, Italia, 2015


Teat extra soft and more pleasant

The new “Mum Effect” finish  on the teat makes Physio Soft extra velvety and more pleasant. Loved by babies*


*89% of babies accepted the Chicco soother. Tested on 150 children, Italy 2014


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