CuociPappa SanoVapore

The taste of mum's food

CuociPappa SanoVapore, from the start of weaning onwards.

Cuocipappa Sanovapore is the ideal food processor for preparing your baby's food in a healthy and natural way.
Choose the ingredients he likes more among meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, cook quickly with strong steam ahd blend everything with the handy pulse function. �

Quick «Strong Steam» cooking.

-Preserves the natural taste of food;

-Keeps nutrients, in particular vitamins and mineral salts;

-Favours digestibility of food.


Handy digital Timer and alarm.


Food suitable for any weaning stage.

The design of the blades of the CuociPappa SanoVapore allows to reduce the air bubble content of the food and to chop and blend it with different textures, thanks to the pulse function.


Defrost and heat with strong steam

in order to prepare food in advance, store it in the specific supplied jars and have it ready to use when needed.


Weaning recipe book.

Thanks to the suggestions in the recipe book, you can play with your imagination and invent recipes that are always different. The recipe book has been designed for you by an expert nutritionist, with 15 recipes created for every stage of your child’s growth.


2 jars for heating food;

1 jar heating support;

1 basket for steam cooking;

1 palette;

1 recipe book.

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Lo sai che... tuo bambino preferisce il gusto dolce perché gli ricorda il sapore del liquido amniotico e quello del tuo latte.

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