Disney Baby – Disney Princess

The game gets magic with Disney Princesses


The dreams are wishes achievable ...

It's sweet as Snow White, or romantic as Aurora, no matter: the dream of every child is to become a princess.

Among glitter, enchanting melodies and colors Fairies, Disney Baby line with Disney Princess allows you to fulfill the wish of your child. Enchanting castles, magic mirrors and dolls to cuddle some of the games you can choose to turn your days into a fairy tale. Because remember: it's never too early to be a princess!


Bambola Biancaneve Dolci Melodie

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Bambola Rapunzel Dolci Melodie

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Bambola Cenerentola Dolci Melodie

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disney-baby-princess-1 disney-baby-princess-1

Magic Castle Disney Princess

The castle princesses, everything is ready to create the magic! Your child is ready for an unforgettable dance with Aurora, Cinderella and the Prince.

disney-baby-princess-2 disney-baby-princess-2

Musical Cottage Snow white and 7 dwarfs

The magic comes to life in a cottage where the watchword is fun. 10 interactive games, melodies and sound effects are ready to entertain your time devoted to the game.

disney-baby-princess-3 disney-baby-princess-3

Cinderella Dancing Spinner

The story of the princess who met the love of his life during a dance alive in this Cinderella top dancing. And watch out! At midnight this time does not have to go home!

disney-baby-princess-4 disney-baby-princess-4

Magic Mirror from Snow White

Magical melodies and light to a mirror that reveals fairy "who is the fairest of them all".

disney-baby-princess-5 disney-baby-princess-5

Dream high chair

A pumpkin, a wreath and a coach to create an imaginative game chair. The ideal for entertaining your child during mealtimes.