The best friends that every child dreams of having!

Explore the world with games Chicco characters of Disney's most beloved masterpieces of all time


Explore the world with Dumbo, Simba and many other cute friends

The Disney characters are friends that every child dreams of. They are the right company to dream, learn and have fun ... in a word: to grow.

Disney Baby with classic characters is the new line of toys designed for children. Delicious rides, musical drums and soft cubes fill with enthusiasm all the time spent together.


Why grow with Disney Baby is pure magic. And we know it!

disney-baby-classic-1 disney-baby-classic-1

Bambi Magical Projector

The game accompanying the grandmother of your child, where the characters of the masterpiece Bambi dancing to the rhythm of relaxing music, surrounded by fanciful projections of color.

disney-baby-classic-2 disney-baby-classic-2

Drum music of The Lion King

For those who have music in their blood, here is the drum most fun in the world. Molds with colored and a roller to learn to crawl, is the right gift for your little one to discover the tribal rhythm of the jungle.

disney-baby-classic-3 disney-baby-classic-3

Fabric activity cubes

Stack, align, littering. And then play with the shapes and characters of Simba, Dumbo, Bambi and Charge of 101. This and much more to stimulate the development of the senses. Thanks to the multi-activity cube.