Towards autonomy

Weaning is a very delicate path, not only from a nutritional point of view: it is a first, important step towards autonomy.


From a psychological perspective weaning is the first important moment of partial detachment and, therefore, autonomy from the mother figure.


The child's pace should therefore be respected, favouring this delicate passage in a relaxed manner.

The child himself can show the first signs of opening to change, by being distracted during the nursing and showing his curiosity for what are eating his parents or older brothers.


In any case, foods should be offered without imposition  and even through trial and error. In spite of the child's curiosity, in fact, the mistrust towards new food is normal and any forcing risks to generate a refusal that will continue over time. Meals should be not associated with anxieties and tensions, food should not be used as a prize or a penalty because it's right from the attitude of the parents that depends the positive approach towards the food that will accompany the child towards adulthood.

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