Today we'll eat out!

Dinner out, at the grandparents' place, at the restaurant: it's better sitting all together at the table!


Meal time away from home, on holiday, or at the grandparents' means a lot of things to organise and to remember to take along with you. 

If, at home, you have a fully equipped high chair; however, away from home, it is better to choose a lighter and more practical one, ideal to take along on holiday or leave at the grandparents' house.

As an alternative or in case of a dinner away from home a chair booster is perfect, it can be handled perfectly, it hooks to any kind of chair and is  definitively compact, even in a small and crowded room.

The seat to be attached to the table can be equally handy, if, possibly, can be adjusted so to easily allow to manage the needs of the child also before and after his meal. 

These accessories offer also the advantage of being able to keep the baby at the table with his parents, without too much hindrance, to eat all together. 

For any occasion away from home, thus, you can use handier, basic and cheaper products, without, obviously, putting safety and quality aside.

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